BureauZuid & MAKE interactive steunen de Filipijnen

Doordat BureauZuid en Make interactive ook zakelijke activiteiten voeren in de Filipijnen voelen we ons als bedrijf verbonden met dit land. Onze “collega’s” zitten hier welliswaar. Doordat er meer dan 4,5 miljoen Filipijnen zijn getroffen en meer dan 10.000 doden zijn gevallen is het land in nood. Wij (BureauZuid & Make) willen helpen.

Het Nederlandse Rode Kruis heeft een speciaal gironummer geopend voor hulp aan de orkaanslachtoffers in de Filipijnen. Dat heeft de organisatie zondag laten weten. Donaties kunnen naar giro 555.


Onze collega Doods O. Jereza Jr (General Manager MAKE Interactive Filipijnen) rechtstreeks uit de Filipijnen:

Thanks for your concerns.

As far as the report goes, there are still some places far from the main city in central Philippines that are still unreachable by help. Roads are still blocked by trees or powerlines. Most of these people had to walk miles just to get to the city cause that is where help is coming in. Unfortunately, a new typhoon in coming which makes it harder for help to get there. There local airport is only open for humanitarian efforts.

Today, the mayor of our City came back to Davao after extending his help in the displaced province and he said there are still a lot of places unreachable for help. Electricity still hasn’t been reestablished in these areas and they mostly rely on candles and power generators. But communication is only possible in the city.

The estimated casualties are around 10 000 as reported and more than a million people have lost their houses and livelihood. Right now, as far as what is on the news, they are calling for supplies of body bags, for there were too many dead left on the streets and somewhere else, also water, clothing, candles, and canned goods or any food that doesn’t need cooking.