Ronald McDonald House Tilburg

Whenever a child is ill or handicapped, it wishes to have its parents as close as possible. And vice versa of course. For this reason, the Ronald McDonald House in Tilburg offers a home to parents and brothers or sisters of children that are being treated in the St. Elisabeth Hospital or in rehabilitation centre ‘Leijpark’ in Tilburg.

In the Ronald McDonald House, daily life can continue a little, despite everything. There is no sponsoring from the government, they are completely dependent on private donations or sponsorships. ZUID Creatives supports the Ronald McDonald House. We are proud to be able to help them with regards to communication and fundraising. Ranging from a new brochure to the design of a door sticker.

Also interested in supporting the house? Please visit their website for more information.

Gijsje Eigenwijsje

The Gijsje Eigenwijsje Foundation offers a warm ‘home’ to families of children that are diagnosed with a brain stem glioma. For those families, a short break will be organised for them to peacefully spend a couple of days together.
When we were asked to develop the foundation’s website voluntarily, we didn’t hesitate to offer our help. Our partner MAKE Interactive also immediately jumped in to support the foundation. Besides the development of the website and keeping it up-to-date, ZUID Creatives also has a supporting role in the Gijsje Eigenwijsje bloggers club.

Make Gijsje’s dream come true and support Gijsje Eigenwijsje.

To undertake action against cancer

Most of us know people in their proximity that are ill and are fighting cancer. The same goes for companies. After all, companies are the centre of our society. ZUID Creatives supports KWF as a ‘businessfriend’ to help reach their goals: less cancer, more cures, and a better quality of life for cancer patients. As a ‘businessfriend’ we support a different type of cancer research every year.

Support the fight against cancer.