Dutch people are using their smartphones and tablets so much, it’s almost like a fulltime job to them. What exactly is it that we do during all this time we spend on our beloved devices? No less than 95% of the time is spent on apps and 5% on mobile websites. Be sure not to underestimate that 5% though, as over a million purchases a month are being carried out on mobile devices. Just like an unattractive or chaotic store will chase away clients, so will a badly functioning app. Therefore, make sure the app of your organisation or brand rules.

A design of a website or web shop that fits perfectly onto every smartphone or tablet, is called a responsive design. It is of the utmost importance for a website to be responsive, because customers don’t usually return after a website did not navigate as easy or when a shopping cart went missing. Every channel, every device and every app appeals to their own crowd and target group. It is vital for a company to have a good understanding of this when you want to be able to reach your audience. A smart company will adapt his media policy to this.

When wanting to develop an app (or: application), you have several options:

Will it be a mobile website, hybrid app or native app?

Will I develop the app for iOS, Android, Windows or maybe all of these?

Does the app need to be suitable for smartphones, tablets or both?

ZUID Creatives never loses sight of user-friendliness when developing apps (UI en UX design), but also makes sure to deliver a product that is appealing to the eye creatively. That combination of functionality and an attractive design is of great importance, because people won’t install an app on their phone that does not function properly or looks unattractive. The modern consumer is very critical, so you need to do it right at once.

An app can serve multiple purposes:

Marketing purpose:
To support the marketing campaign, to carry a message.

Operational purpose:
To support sales, to generate profits.

According to Frankwatching, a cross media platform that focuses on sharing knowledge about online trends and tips & tricks, these are the elements a good app needs to have. We can only agree with this.

1. Fun factor
The essential point with this is that the app needs to offer a high level of entertainment. An app that knows how to get your attention every time.

2. Useful
Of course, it is nice when an app looks sharp, but would you continue to use it when it doesn’t serve any purpose? That’s why it is important to keep users engaged in the app.

3. User-friendly
The best apps succeed in creating an interface that allows content, features and smartphone to seamlessly work together.


4. Functional
An app should not just be a copy of the website. Apps should allow users to take full advantage of the benefits of a smart phone. For example, the use of GPS, photo and video options, interaction between app users and motion sensors.

5. Durable
An app should be a long-term investment. Communication about the app and updates and renewals are all part of that investment. An app should at least last as long as an average website. Besides, good apps will ask for a regular update. This is not only needed to continue to function technically, but also to adapt to changes.

6. Short and sweet content
Mobile devices are not suitable for extended amounts of content or actions. Users won’t do extensive research on their smartphone or read sizeable amounts of text, therefore not an appropriate media tool for these goals.

7. Stick to brand identity
Make sure the app suits your brand identity and brand values. When your brand is practical and functional, don’t try and launch an entertainment app all of a sudden.

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