Today’s world calls for a new, strategic approach to targeted campaigns. It is becoming increasingly difficult to reach people via traditional media, such as newspaper advertisements. A new plan is needed, that really takes into account new and existing media, and that allows them to optimally refer to each other in a strategic frame. Executed with the best creative solutions and in the right place.


At ZUID Creatives, we think and dream cross medially. At times, this can be quite tough. There are hardly any boundaries anymore between online and offline. What’s left is a fragmented media landscape with millions of channels, that all serve different target groups.


“Cross media communication is a strategic approach to a campaign for a product, service or brand, spread across several media platforms and making use of media diversity. Cross media communication works at its best when all the different resources, channels and concepts are cross referenced and reinforce each other.”


To roll out a successful cross media campaign strategy, all media should be used according to their own strengths and refer to each other. That calls for a differential, creative translation in conceptual communication. Sometimes one idea is relevant for all media, at other times the concept will need to be translated, in order to make it more suitable for a medium.

What does cross media communication exist of?

An engaging target group analysis and sharp communication goals.

A media mix that fully utilizes the potential of all the different media.

The media are part of a logical and cross-pollinating whole (synergy).

The media are being used to benefit the content of the campaign (temporary) or the communication policy (long term).

Working method

Preparation and briefing

At ZUID Creatives, we find it very important to know as much as possible about a brand, company, its customers and the communication goals. We aim to know a company through and through and live and breathe the brand. An empathetic target group analysis is important: who do we focus on? And where are these people? How should we address them? Which media are suitable for this?

We believe it is important to make choices and to remain focused. We don’t believe in ‘me too’. Every successful company or brand has something unique about them. Sometimes it is the product itself that is unique, but the distinctiveness could also be in the story around it or due to the team members’ characters.

Campaign strategy

Based on the goals, the target group and the available budget, we develop a strategic plan to generate the largest coverage. All media are considered: are they suited to reach the target group? Will that be cost effective?


Development of a creative concept

When wanting to advertise a brand or product, you can hardly ever do this by just plain ‘telling people about it’. You need something that can bring across values, a message or a feeling. That is the reason why you need creative people for great advertising communication, people that always think outside of the box. They can translate the goals and values into concepts.

Cross media communication is based on a good and creative concept that serves as a ‘coat hanger’ to hang up all expressions, media and messages. Very often, the creative concept will be valuable for years to come and at least during that specific campaign.

Some well-known brand concepts:


‘Just do it’, three words that NIKE has used throughout all of its communication for decades..


The ‘Even Apeldoorn bellen’ commercials have been a big hit ever since the nineties.


And of course there are McDonalds and ‘I’m loving it’, Nokia and ‘Connecting people’, Sony and ‘Make Believe’, etc., etc.

A creative concept can exist of words, illustrations, photography, shapes, animations or a combination of all of the above. Important to know is that, at ZUID Creatives, we are never creative just to be creative. It starts with the strategy, that serves as a foundation for its creative translation.

Communication planning

Do we agree on the strategy and its resulting creative expressions? Then, it’s time for one of our Communications Advisors to go ahead and make a schedule. We negotiate about purchasing terms and make sure that all creative expressions are being produced. Most of the things can be done in-house by our team of designers, writers, communication advisors and art directors, but where necessary, we will deploy other creative specialists. We are in close contact with copywriters, photographers, illustrators and film makers that know the way we think and are in tune with our own high work level. We always keep a close watch on the direction of the campaign and the creative process ourselves. Customers are regularly kept informed and a lot of what we do, can be viewed live, 24 hours a day.

Come in and take a seat.

We don’t believe in ‘us’ taking care of a company’s communication. We would much rather work on it together with you. That is why there are always work stations available in our office (wifi, fresh coffee and nice colleagues included) for our customers. Take a seat and be inspired.

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