ZUID Creatives has proven many times that a new corporate identity for a company can make a big difference for the future. Good branding originates from things like corporate culture, future vision and brand values. Nice logos don’t exist, there are only good or bad ones.

The process of attaining a new corporate identity – or restyling an existing one – starts with good conversations and an exploration of the company. We want to know what the driving forces are. What makes them successful? What are the shared values? How can the corporate culture be described? What does the future hold? By making this information (temporarily) part of us, a new corporate identity, that represents the soul and the power of your company, automatically unfolds itself.

Broadly speaking, a brand identity, or corporate identity, is based on design, communication and behaviour. Behaviour (culture, people, tone-of-voice) is even the most important one in this set of three.

Therefore, we don’t believe in a corporate identity that has only been anchored into a corporate identity manual. A corporate identity should be the creative translation of the company’s identity. Only then will employees and customers be ambassadors and will the cog-wheels start turning.



Considering the above explanation, we don’t believe in pitches in terms of a ‘beauty pageant’ between agencies that all create a logo proposal. Purely based on the lack of communication with the marketing or management team, will hinder it from being supported by employees, while that ought to be one of the most important goals.

And still we would love for you to call us! Why? We will show you some inspiring examples, design directions and our vision on communication and corporate identity. If all goes well, we will show you the future and your role in it.

For most companies these insights resulted in them trusting us enough to put us in charge of the development and redevelopment of their corporate identity. Feel free to call us when you would rather hear this from a BureauZuid customer himself. The hotline is open!

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