With NOW Email, it’s child’s play to design, send and measure email campaigns.

The 8 most important tools of NOW E-mail

1. An unlimited number of templates
Design a fantastic email in no time. NOW Email provides powerful tools to create and send your online newsletters. Don’t send out any boring emails to your contacts, but blow them away by sending a perfect gem to their inbox. Choose from an unlimited supply of beautifully designed lay-outs and create your own, unique and sexy email together.

2. Content that rules
A unique email should not only look the part, but should also walk the talk relating to the content. The content should keep readers on the edge of their seats. A useful option that is included in NOW Email is the personal header. It also ensures the right typography and adjusts the sizes of the text and images where necessary.

3. Responsive to the max
Whether your email will be opened on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the lay-out is guaranteed to look fantastic on every device. Vitally important, as nowadays people frequently open their emails from their phone and tablets. It is therefore absolutely not done to send a distorted, hardly undecipherable email. NOW Email automatically makes sure your email message always looks sharp, whether on an iPhone, in Outlook or in Gmail.

4. Emailing check one, two
Because of the automatic test email that NOW Email sends out before the actual mailing, you can easily see how the mailing comes through in the receiver’s inbox. This way you can determine whether the design is right, if a subject line will trigger enough response and if the sender’s information is correct. It doesn’t take a lot of time to choose the winning design out of all the options. The lay-out can easily be changed automatically with just one click.

5. Put your readers in boxes
NOW Email makes it possible to divide the recipients of your mailings in groups. In keeping with criteria you can set up yourself, you will be able to target your message even better. Young fathers, for example will need to be addressed completely different than the over 50’s. By using an appropriate lay-out and content in your mailing, focused on the right target group, your message will come across as a lot more personal.

6. Track the success of your emailing
NOW Email provides real time and detailed reports, that help you to accurately measure the success of your email marketing campaign. You will see exactly who opens your mailing, what they have read and which one of your message are shared on social media.

7. Social sharing
It only takes one click to add social media buttons to your mailing. This way, content can immediately be shared, liked and retweeted by the recipient. So social!

8. Spam? I don’t think so!

Nothing is more annoying than having your carefully designed mailing land in your recipient’s spam box. To prevent this, NOW Email automatically sends out a spam test. Your mailing will be guided past spam filters and firewalls, to be received by your recipients in large numbers. And should an over-enthusiastic spam filter accidently block your mailing, you will be notified.

There are over one hundred extremely useful tools. Discover them by starting to use NOW Email. How? Our Strategy Director Mathieu Hermans knows NOW Email better than his own wife and will be happy to tell you all about it. Get in touch and Mathieu will snap into action!

Altogether, there are over a hundred extremely useful tools. Discover them by starting to use NOW Email. How? Our Strategy Director Mathieu Hermans knows NOW Email better than his own wife and will be happy to tell you all about it. Get in touch and Mathieu will snap into action!

What are the costs of NOW Email?

Are you a regular user, professional marketeer or have you only just started email marketing? NOW Email has a suitable and transparent rate for everyone. Pay per month (can be ended monthly) or per campaign. You don’t need to pay any license fees for the use of NOW Email.

Pay per month

The rate will automatically be adjusted based on the number of email addresses in your subscribers list. This way you will never pay more than you need.

Option 1:


This is ideal when you send a mailing at least once a month. You choose a fixed, low price. 



Send an unlimited number of emails to your subscribers lists and use free designs and execute spam tests. Perfect for frequent users and marketing agencies. 

Number of email subscribers – Basic – Unlimited

Pay per campaign
Perfect when you occasionally send out an emailing. There are no monthly fees and you only pay when you send out an emailing. Download the price list for NOW Email HERE.

Enthusiastic? Any more questions? Better call Mathieu!
ZUID Creatives can always help you with composing, writing, designing and sending your online newsletters. Call, email, app, Tweet – or whatever – our Strategy Director Mathieu Hermans. He would love to tell you everything about NOW E-mail.

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