Differentiating positioning for a successful brand

When the world zigs, ZAG. That is what our guru Marty Neumeier wrote in his books. Exactly what we advice our clients as well. Because when a positioning is not ‘unusual’, really differentiating and 100% crisp and clear, it can never be a mega success.

Choosing a brand because of a clear message

There are organisations and corporate brands that struggle with their positioning. That’s not so surprising; as a director-owner, marketeer or brand manager you are on top of your own brand all day. Companies tend to add more products to their catalogues and they make the lists of USP’s even longer, to try and outsmart competition.

All very logical, but it results in customers being more and more confused about what the organisation or brand stands for. Exactly that is what makes it difficult to choose it.

For new product or company launches this probably goes even more: you only get one chance to get it right. The product can be innovative, extraordinary, well-priced and superbly designed; eventually the right name, a differentiating message and a good pay-off determine the level of success. Brought together, the above elements create the positioning.

What is a ZAG?

What is such a ZAG, that Marty Neumeier talks about? This is what the American author writes about it himself:

“When focus is paired with differentiation supported by a trend, and surrounded by compelling communications, you have the basic ingredients for a forward thinking brand.“



Dare to be different. Be distinctive with your product, your services or with the marketing aspects around it. You probably can not beat Gillette by putting a cheaper or better knife on the shelves, however, The Dollar Shave Club successfully entered into this market, by changing the distribution method and having razor blades delivered monthly through the mailbox (meanwhile this has been copied in the Netherlands by Boldking).


Do what you’re good at and stick to the plan. Customers, consumers, or better yet: people, all want only one thing: clarity. Give it to them and they will greatly support you.


For optimal success, the brand, the product or the service needs to be tuned in on the time we live in and/ or the target group. You need a ‘wave to ride on’, that will make the output many times bigger than the efforts put in together with your team.

Irresistible communication

A translation of the above elements in an irresistibly creative theme. Communication that moves, astounds, clarifies and meanwhile (and often without thinking) brings the message across. And that happens to be one of ZUID Creatives’ specializations. That’s what we call fate!

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