Most retailers and brands have known this for a while; for many customers, there are less and less walls in between the online and the offline world. Therefore, the art of a good webshop is to break down those walls and to respond to the customer’s needs.


More and more organisations use their website as an online sales channel. Or intend to do so going forward. This trend has been visible for years for consumer products, but B2B (wholesale trade, brands) has also discovered the benefits of online sales for a considerable growth and sales strategy or operational optimisation. A consumer-focused webshop can serve both purposes, by including an extra login functionality for corporate customers or retailers.

ZUID Creatives creates and maintains the webshops of brands such as KingLouie, Van Arendonk, Bergmans Outlet, Household Hardware, Cabman en Inmotus. We also built online sales platforms for wholesalers like Disporta.

We always aim for a unique experience: it needs to hit the spot creatively and function well technically. These two will need to melt together into a logical story.

Mobile webshop
Increasingly more companies see mobile visits (tablet and smartphones) on their website and webshop come close to 50% or even more. Most webshops, however, are not ready for this… Entrepreneurs lose out on opportunities and money this way. A mobile site takes a completely different approach, one that represents simplicity, mobile first, touch and feedback. A site that feels like an app and stimulates an instinctive user experience.

WordPress / WooCommerce and Bitrix Sitemanager
At ZUID Creatives we build shops on two platforms:

WordPress + WooCommerce

WordPress is an Open Source content management system that offers increasingly more options because of the e-commerce add-on. WooCommerce is by far the best ‘extension’ for this. That is the reason why we choose this package.

In WordPress we build made-to-measure webshops that completely focus on a unique, handmade experience of the brand, as well as shops that are based on a standard theme. A theme created by a third party ensures a lower investment and a shorter development period.

Never stop optimizing
A physical store is constantly being redecorated and improved by the shop manager, with the shop window being restyled often too. Put some candy near the checkout and at the end of the day you will end up with a slightly higher turnover.

Isn’t that exactly what needs to happen in a webshop? It only really starts after a new shop is born! How will we keep on updating the site over and over again? Who will look after its content? How will we push sales? How can we let customers take the step from social media fan to e-commerce customer?

Do it!
Nobody has a monopoly of wisdom. ZUID Creatives’ team has specialists on almost every aspect of e-commerce, but even with a super team like that, we sometimes figure out that certain things simply don’t work. Luckily, we come up with innovations that do improve the sales figures of a webshop even more often. That method of working is the way we advocate: try, test, throw away, listen, think and start over. Only then you will discover your customers’ needs.

It all starts with a conversation, without any strings attached about the webshop that will make your organisation the luckiest in the world. So: questions about channel conflicts? Advanced webservice links? Mobile payments? We like to share our knowledge! Call +31(0)13 5450323 or send an email to [email protected]. 

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