A website that is right for your organisation

The online world is ever-changing. It used to be enough to have a ‘who, what, where’ website, nowadays it takes a lot more to amaze visitors and to gain success. A great and current website needs to be strategically anchored into an organisation.


A successful and contemporary website

Until a couple of years ago, it was common for an organisation to get a new website created every two to three years. This took a lot of customized work and he site was often difficult to manage. Soon after the launch, the first irritations would already start to arise; why is this functionality missing and why doesn’t this work? And on a smartphone or tablet the content would be crammed into a tiny area which transformed the website into an unattractive chaos.

The horror script described earlier is exactly the reason that made us think differently about the creative and technical creation of websites. Seven statements about successful and contemporary websites:

1. A website as a strategic part of the organisation.

Making a website starts by setting a goal: how can the website improve my brand, company or organisation? When do I think it is successful? Can I sell more or simplify the process? What is my story and how does it stand out from the competition? Only this will lead to the right solutions that guide you towards success. ‘Pretty’is not a goal, but a consequence of strategic choices. OK, with our creative talent, we obviously only make things that are as beautiful as your ideal woman or man is.

2. Start with content.

A motto that is increasingly valuable every day. To improve findability and for the benefit of business relations, prospects and fans, it is all about having the right content on your website. Content does not just mean words and sentences, it is a combination of designed content, video, animation, short texts, professional blogs, photos, reactions, whitepapers, news and more. A good site is built around the content and not the other way around.

3. It’s LIFE!

A website should never be idle. Normally, a website is put to LIVE, we, however, put it to LIFE. Because life doesn’t start until after birth. By constantly feeding the online channel with the right nutrition, it keeps its strategic value, stays alive and will even grow. Therefore, the website increases in value, rather than decrease. Key words are: flexibility, continuity, conversion improvement, interaction and continuous delivery.

4. Release Early, Release Often.

Websites are becoming bigger and more complex and content more important. Therefore, building a new website takes a lot of time. As most of the content will need to be fed from inside the organisation, that puts pressure on staff, that is most likely busy enough already. They look at the website as some side project. That is the main reason for our important advice for complex projects: Release Early, Release Often. Divide the project into smaller pieces and make sure to flawlessly carry out of all these individually. One part ready? Put it online and continue to work on part two. Visitors will hardly ever miss anything and will even be pleasantly surprised when seeing a new web page or functionality on their next visit to the site.

5. Buy, don’t build.

The world has become a lot smaller thanks to the internet. At ZUID Creatives, we also made mistakes in the past with complex, bespoke projects. Luckily, today’s internet offers many standard solutions, that offer tried and tested functionalities for a small (periodic) fee. Tools for chat, email newsletters, web analysis, sliders etc. are too expensive to build and maintain, whilst they are readily available for a fraction of the costs, usually designed even better.

6. Open Source or Closed Source?

Every project deserves a suitable platform. There are supporters of Open Source and of Closed Source, but none of these is sacred. ZUID Creatives for example, builds on the Open Source system WordPress, but at the same time on the licensed platform Bitrix. Which platform we choose when depends on the functional design we make before every project.


7. Creation and Tech become one.

Nowadays, when building a new website, you obviously keep an optimized mobile experience in mind when accessing the website via a smartphone or tablet. But the empty space between the standard Windows Desktop and the advanced iPhone is being filled up by increasingly more hybrid control systems. Android becomes Chrome OS, OSX transforms into iOS (or the other way around) and Windows 10 becomes one system that is equal for all devices. But, in the meantime, don’t wipe out televisions and other screens. There are, however, some common denominators: controlling is more and more based on ‘touch’ and feedback. Sites will, just like apps, make more use of animation. And everything is being viewed in even higher resolution and in different screen sizes. That requires a different take on the cooperation between creative designers and technical developers. Previously, both groups were working independently, sometimes even in two separate companies. ZUID Creatives has one team that includes creative technicians, nerdy creatives and powerful project managers.

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